• THE RIGHT FATHER DAY GIFT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS – It is always the same discussion: is wine at the right temperature? Now, you don’t guess anymore. Just put the digital thermometer around the bottle and see how the number appears on the screen. Is this red wine too “hot”? Insert the frozen wine chiller stick inside the bottle until it is at the temperature you like it. Is the white wine cold enough? Insert the stainless steel chiller and maintain it cold all the meal.
  • “ALL INCLUDED” PRESENT for DADDY: Wine Aerator, Pourer, Chiller and Digital Thermometer. 1) Chiller: Keep the right temperature of the alcohol from inside the bottle 2) Aerate the wine when it comes out of the bottle 3) Pourer: The top shape avoids the drop on the tablecloth 4) Bottle Thermometer: Drink always at the temperature you most enjoy your wine.
  • GOOD-LOOKING STYLISH IDEA – No more bulky ice bucket around or ugly bottle sleeves at dinner. When you offer this elegant iceless stainless steel stick, you offer the most elegant wine chiller that your lover can have on his / her table. Be ready for your partner surprise when he/she opens the box this 14 February!
  • NICELY DESIGNED GIFT BOX – No matter if you need a gift for women or men, if they drink wine, this is their missing kit. Is it for a person making its own wine? then they need these tools.

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